Sorrowville Slammers Book 1

I can dangle a puck… but she’s got me dangling by a thread.

Fresh off a serious injury and down to my last shot at the NHL, I sign with a minor league team on the verge of collapse.

My second chance starts innocently enough. I arrive in town and wander into the first bar & grill I find, striking up a conversation with the gorgeous woman sitting next to me.

Our banter leads back to the hotel and turns into a steamy version of truth or dare… heavy on the dare. One unforgettable night ends in whispered promises and tangled sheets.

Everything is perfect, until I meet my team and discover that she—Tierney—is their new publicist.


Thing is, we can’t keep our hands off each other. Every stolen glance, every secret touch, becomes a high-stakes game. Especially when she announces her ambitious plans to turn the team into TikTok sensations, making the very guys I’m trying to lead hate her guts.

We spend time together on the down low, sprinkled with late-night Cheeto feasts, comical huggles, and my curious pet rock, Ginger. But as the season marches on and ticket sales improve, our underground romance resembles a powder keg.

Feelings grow, masks slip, desires tangle, and secrets threaten to spill. Lost in Tierney, I’m on the brink of losing something else. My goal to play in the NHL.

That’s when I realize I’ve been focusing on the wrong dream. There’s only one thing I can’t afford to lose… her.

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