Wasted On Us

Wasted On Us

Wasted On Us

Bittersweet Echoes Trilogy: Book 2

Pre-Order Now! Available August 25, 2023

They say love comes at you fast.
In my case, it came with a jarring thud against my rear bumper.

When the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen gets out, my heart flips over. She’s fiery, frazzled, and just totaled my car. But amidst the crumpled metal and apologies, I can’t help but feel a spark. A spark my father once told me would herald the arrival of ‘the one’.

And the thing about sparks? They’re damn hard to ignore.

Problem is, our fathers are locked in perpetual battle, their animosity as old as it is deep. A modern-day Montague and Capulet, their grudge threatens to turn our spark into a wildfire, consuming everything in its path.

Yet, every time Eden flashes that smile, every time she spews random facts out of that big brain of hers, the feud seems less significant. They say love is a battlefield, and if Eden is the prize, then I’m ready for war.

One thing’s for certain, we’re no Romeo and Juliet.

We won’t let their tragedy be ours.

In the game of love, all’s fair. But when the game’s rigged, will Eden and I have the courage to change the rules?


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