Wasted On Love

Wasted On Love

Wasted On Love

Bittersweet Echoes Trilogy: Book 3

Pre-Order Now! Available September 29, 2023

When opposites attract, sometimes they also ignite…

Life’s been quiet on my Christmas tree farm since my ex skipped town without a word. Then one night, I save a beautiful woman from a bad date, and I see a spark in her eyes that I haven’t felt in a long time.

After asking her out for real, she shuts me down fast. I go back to my solitary life, convinced she’s slipped through my fingers.

When the vegan blogger my sister’s booked to help with our farm’s publicity shows up, it’s her. Ensley. Turns out she doesn’t know a pine from a spruce and thinks ‘roughing it’ is a night without her organic face cream.

The woman who shot me down now lives in my backyard, just a whisper away. She’s as out of place as a peacock in a hen house, dressing up my baby goats in actual clothes and causing a stir with her ‘Lumberjeff’ TikTok videos she takes on the sly every time I have my shirt off.

Despite the clashing lifestyles, there’s a current between us that’s hard to ignore. Somewhere between saving her from a hungry bear and the goat pajamas, I find myself falling for her.

I thought saving my family legacy would be easy, but she’s proving me wrong at every turn. One thing’s for certain—I’m not letting her go without a fight.

It’s time to prove to her that there’s a whole world beyond the city lights, and her happily ever after starts with Lumberjeff.

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