The Point

The Point

Rochester Riot Book 3

“It kept me coming back!” ~ laurenlovesbooks

Don’t go through life without goals…

The first time I saw her, I stopped dead in my tracks. From her long blonde hair to her piercing gaze that can see straight through to my soul, she slayed me.

My sweet, innocent Hannah.

When I’m with her, I feel unstoppable. She’s my angel. My mojo.

I was passed over by an ignorant scout during my senior year of college but my skills are still inspiring. Almost as impressive as my chiseled body and ahem… other huge assets.

I can stop any breakaway, keep the crease crystal clear and force the enemy’s attacking forwards to scream for their mama.

But something puts my Cinderella second chance to make the Rochester Riot on the line.

Nothing is more important that my ultimate goal of becoming a professional athlete so I know I shouldn’t get involved with her. It’s too perilous. I can’t fall…risk losing my heart.

But for the first time, I woman sees me. The real me. Not some high-class suit pumping and dumping women so fast they’re swirling around my body like a schizophrenic tornado.

So I’ve been hiding something from her. The truth about my past. I have a secret that threatens to destroy our future. And so the confident executive turned rookie is actually afraid. Because if my family drama sees the light of day, it’s over.



THE REBOUND is a full-length steamy romance novel from USA Today Bestselling Author, Colleen Charles, about creating your own opportunities and grasping your second chance at love. It’s the finale in the sizzling and heartwarming Rochester Riot series but can be read as a standalone. You don’t have to enjoy hockey to fall in love with this sexy read!

“The player settles down!” ~ Jessib

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