Vegas Venom Book 9

I’m about to face off in the most important game of my life, and there isn’t an arena in sight.

The stakes are high, and the prize? The guarded heart of Antonia Ricci, a headstrong beauty who’s as enchanting as she is elusive.

As the star right winger for the Las Vegas Venom, I’m no stranger to a challenge, but when the team owner ropes us into a publicity stunt, I’m in uncharted territory.

My fake romance with Toni should be an easy win—a neat PR goal for the Venom. But Toni’s defenses are iron clad, and my usual moves aren’t scoring any points.

Every simmering glance exchanged under the neon lights feels more real than the glitzy casino facades. As our charade begins to feel like something real, I start to question—could she be the one?

I’m going all in, ready to risk it all for a shot at my happily ever after. But this is Vegas, where the stakes are high, and the biggest jackpot of all is falling head over skates for the woman of your dreams.

Can I win Toni’s heart before I run out of time, or will this fiery beauty leave me out in the cold?

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