Minnesota Caribou Book Two

“Beauty is more than skin deep…” ~ Sam Power

Would you sell your soul to save your daughter’s life?

With my NHL career ripped to shreds by a devastating knee injury, I’ve hit rock bottom.

Dead Ass Broke.
Single Father.

But material things no longer matter to me. It’s all about my precious little girl. My heart. My soul. She’s sick and she’s hurting.

There’s a special trial at the Mayo Clinic but it costs six figures. I’m uninsured, and the only thing in my bank account is a string of zeros.

So when temptation makes its siren’s call inside a hotel bar. I answer. How hard could it be? Escorting rich, powerful women around town? Besides, I’ll do anything.


While my daughter’s uncertain future hangs in the balance, a simple mistake invites a ghost from the past back into my life. She’s only a name and a beautiful face in a photograph on a computer screen. Until she isn’t. Something about her is so familiar.

Tempting me.

It wasn’t supposed to turn emotional. She’s a trick.

Coming up with the money’s all up to me. Saving my daughter’s life is all up to me. And come hell or high water, I’ll get it done.


PLAYED is a full-length steamy hockey romance from USA Today Bestselling Author, Colleen Charles, featuring friends to lovers with an adorable kiddo fighting for her life. A little bit of hockey but a whole lot of feels. It’s the second book in the popular MINNESOTA CARIBOU series but is read as a standalone.

“The player gets played!” ~ Escritora

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