Vegas Venom Book 3

Scarlett Stone hates me. Every time she takes the mic during her popular sports podcast, she rips me a new one.

Some would call us enemies but I make it a rule not to make a rival of a smart, sexy woman like her. If I make one single error on the ice, she calls it out in a way that both frustrates me and turns me on.

When I find out she’s been assigned to cover me on a trip to Minnesota, I ask my agent to pull strings to get someone else.

Anyone else.

Turns out, I’ll have to smile and take it. Oh and try not to make things worse, but it seems even my breathing yanks her chain. I’d give anything to know why she hates me.

It almost seems… personal.

During the award ceremony, a huge storm hits the area. One that makes it dangerous to be on the road so everyone has to hole away in a room for a few days. Except there’s only one room left in town.

I’m trying to be the good guy here but she’s not having any of it. She’s hell bent on making me pay. Which sucks because her attitude lights a fire inside of me.

But it’s fine. Because while she’s distracted by hating me, I’ll focus on claiming her as mine.

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