Good Wood

Good Wood

Good Wood

Sorrowville Slammers Book 2

I can score on the ice… but she’s scoring my heart.

Coming off a rough season and with my sights still set on the NHL, I report to Slammers training camp, not expecting anything but hockey.

Until Britt walks into my life, turning this quiet town into the epicenter of my world.

After one serendipitous night, the chemistry is undeniable. What begins as playful banter quickly escalates, leaving us tangled in sheets and promises to keep it casual.

Britt’s fierce and fiery, turning my house into a home faster than you can say HGTV. She dives headfirst into life in Sorrowville, handling player contracts and making a name for herself.

As her time with me extends, so does our connection—and complications. But then life hits us with the hardest slap shot of all.

Now, instead of a fling, we’re looking at forever.

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