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Can't Shake You

Busy landscape architect, Erica Bennett, doesn’t have time for men.  The chains of her past have locked down her fragile heart.  If anyone ever found out the truth … well, they’d never want someone like her.  Then, a sexy voice floats over her phone line and sets her dormant body on fire.

Tony Wolfe builds walls as the CFO of Seize Development, but none more impenetrable than the one he’s built around himself.  He’s carrying around a secret.  And scars.

Scars running so deep he might never escape them.  When he sees Erica for the first time, he thinks she’s jailbait.  Not for him.  Yet, he can’t seem to stop himself from wanting her.  Craving her.

They’re perfect for each other and they might never understand the Reasons Why.

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