Naughty Little Books: Book 1

“One of Colleen’s best books EVER! I LOVED it!” ~ VTZ

I’ve got an ax to grind…

Just like Red Riding Hood clutching her basket of goodies, a sexy scientist skipped into the wrong wood… I mean… woods.

This is my forest and everything in it belongs to me.

Especially things with hypnotic eyes, cascades of raven hair and killer curves that make my long, hard ax roar to life.

My people have owned this land for generations.

She’s trespassing, so I’ll claim her.

Make her mine.

She may try to escape… return to her boring city slicker life.

But I’ll make her think twice.

If my perfect little Dove thinks she can just gallivant into my forest and keep her innocence…

She’s barking up the wrong tree.


Chopped is a steamy long novella by USA Today Bestselling Author, Colleen Charles, about a huge ax-wielding lumberjack in the depths of the forest and the woman he claims as his own. It’s the first book in the Taboo Tales series and is a standalone with all the steam and feels you’re looking for, along with an emotional HEA.

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