Caldwell Brothers Complete Digital Boxed Set

Caldwell Brothers Complete Digital Boxed Set

Sexy, funny, and suspenseful with a side of mafia villain you’ll want to throat punch!

This steamy boxed set contains SEVEN full- length novels, Hard Gamble, Tightwad, Kickback, Pony Up, All In, Raincheck and On The House. It’s alpha heroes you’ll swoon over and independent and feisty heroines you’ll root for until the final page. Get ready to feel all the feels.

You’ll love the steam, humor, and twists and turns all on your emotional journey to a happily ever after.

Hard Gamble

Nixon Caldwell is damaged by the tragic loss of his parents, leaving him to care for his four younger brothers. Marcella is a poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks with a haunted past. Will the pure innocence of Marcella be able to thaw his icy heart?


Reagan and Taryn re-connect over a stripper pole…literally. He’s lusted after her since college, but she never even gave him the time of day. But his return to Vegas has her attention. Will Taryn be able to tame the hotshot NYC lawyer before Dante destroys her posh boutique?


Ford Caldwell wants his second chance with his high school sweetheart Haylee Jacobs, the love of his life. But he’s blinded by a surprise he never saw coming. Will they be able to heal their shattered hearts and chase away the ghosts of the past?

Pony Up

Carter Caldwell and Pepper St. Claire are rival chefs fighting for their very own show on the Food Network. But somewhere along the journey, the boundaries blur and they fall for each other. Will they be able to put their foolish pride aside for love?

All In

Troy and Joselyn are mortal enemies. When Troy’s forced to serve as a test dummy for her women’s self-defense class, all hell breaks loose. Will they be able to find some common ground as they work together to investigate a threat to Jocelyn?


Hawk and Waverly are geeky tech geniuses fighting over the crown as the best digital security expert in Vegas. They come together over a common goal. Destroy an evil mafia kingpin. Will they defy the odds and fall in love?

On The House

Lincoln and Chloe are thrown together as they try to get a house up for sale. Their disabilities provide a common thread and an instant connection. Will the imperfect Lincoln finally be the one that brings Dante to his knees? The one he least expects? Find out in the sizzling finale to the Caldwell Series!


THE CALDWELL BROTHERS DIGITAL BOXED SET contains SEVEN full-length steamy novels from USA Today Bestselling Author, Colleen Charles featuring sassy heroines and a family of hot as hell brothers. Get ready to hate super-villain Dante Giovanetti!


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