Vegas Venom Book 7

I never expected my shot at the big dance would lead me straight into the arms of the one woman who’s completely off limits.

As the resident minor-league bad boy of Minnesota, I can’t believe it when I get the call every hockey player dreams of.

Dante Giovanetti wants me to replace the legendary Cash Hale on the Venom. But it turns out that it’s not the lights of Vegas that blind me—it’s Layla, Latham Newberry’s sister, and her precious toddler, Violet.

I understand the bro code: no hitting on a teammate’s sister.

But the more time I spend with Layla, the harder it is to deny the fire that burns between us. And the very real feelings she sparks inside me.

When her past comes back to haunt her, I know I’ll have to step up my game and prove my love is stronger than any rivalry.

Because Violet and Layla need me. And now it’s my job to protect what’s mine.

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