The Slot

Rochester Riot Book 1

She’s hell on heels. From the moment we met over powdered sugar, I yearned to melt the icicles dripping from her wool tailored tweed. I have to have her and I always get what I want. Even if it means giving up my playboy ways.

I’m the most bad ass center the NHL has ever seen and my plus/minus ratio is inspiring. Almost as impressive as my chiseled body and ahem…other huge assets. I can fire a shot from any angle that will make the opposing goalie scream for his mother. When it comes to pucks and f*cks, I’ll always light the red light.

But my desire for Eloise puts my Hall of Fame career on the line. That and her secrets. The ones I never wanted to know. I’m a rich,famous hockey player–she’s a front office exec. On paper we don’t fit. But there’s one place where we fit. Like a glove.

I have a stellar career and other obligations so I know I shouldn’t get involved with her. It’s too perilous. I can’t fall…risk losing my heart. But for the first time, I woman sees me. The real me. Not some millionaire playboy that leaves panting women stranded in the stands. And I sure as hell want her. Her tempting curves beg me to take it all.

But Eloise has been hiding something from me. She has a secret that threatens to destroy us both. And so this soaring NHL superstar is actually worried. Because if she lets it see the light of day, we’re over.