Stone Cold Love

Dangerous Futures

I’m not sure I’m worthy of a second chance.

Growing up poor in the slums of Chicago taught me that guys like me don’t get any lucky breaks. And I never wanted one. Until I saw the woman I love gunned down in the street like an animal.

I’m an FBI special agent and so is she. At least she used to be but I stole that away from her. Me. She’s better than me. Stronger. And seeing her weaken breaks my hardened heart into a million tiny pieces. Lacy Cobb stole my breath the first time I saw her waltzing in to new agent training rocking a pencil skirt and killer heels. She’s a buck twenty of badass Super Girl. And I’ll do anything to get the old Lacy back.

She blames me for the shooting that left her half the woman she used to be. And I deserve it. It was my fault. I thought I was tough enough to bring down the Chicago mob by going undercover and infiltrating their organization. I should have paid the price but they took her down instead knowing how much it would hurt me. I don’t blame her for hating me. But the more she pushes me away the more my body aches for her.
I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I need her.

I need to taste her, and I need to possess her body and soul. I’m going to make her moan and scream my name in passion instead of anger. Then, I’m going to make her my wife whether she likes it or not. The problem? We have a past that makes for a dangerous future. The bad guys are back for their pound of flesh. Now, I’m going to protect her.

Whatever it takes.

This full-length romantic suspense by best selling author Colleen Charles is meant for mature audiences.