Solstice Song

Pagan Passion Book 1

Barbarian, loner, pagan…I’ve heard every label and then some. Here in Wintervale, Ireland, nature reigns supreme. It’s hunt or be hunted. Kill or be killed. Don’t let the pretty name fool you, savagery lays just underneath the lush exterior. If I want something, I take it. No one dares deny me. No one asks questions.

Not until her.

She’s an interloper, an outcast here. With her lush curves, her prissy ways and her obscene American accent. I want nothing to do with her. She needs to pack up her tour bus, her guitars and her designer clothes and hightail it out of here before she gets hurt.

Savannah Star is a demi God in her country. But we don’t worship people here. She thinks just because she’s rich and famous, she’s right. That her ways are better. I won’t let her make me feel less than. Out here, we’re more primitive. And she’s never going to tame me.


The only thing I want from the stunning Savannah Starr is her body. Never her soul. It’s tainted with the dark colors of a world that I don’t believe in.

She wants me, and her decadent body begs me to take it all. Soon, her mouth will beg me, too. And I’ll give it to her. Everything single inch I have to give.