Pony Up

Caldwell Brothers Book 4

I’m cooking up something sexy.

And she’s never going to know what hit her.

As one of the top chefs in Las Vegas, I’ve built my Michelin star steakhouse from the ground up. Now, I want to take my thriving career to the next level, pimping myself out so that Hollywood will come calling. I’m so the best man for that job.

And she’s not a man.

She’s my rival.

I’m Vegas born and raised, from a powerful family. Eight years ago, she set the Vegas food scene on fire, rolling into town straight from bumf*ck nowhere. And all she serves in her garish pescatarian restaurant is fish. I hate fish almost as much as I hate her. If it’s not red meat, it’s not an entrée.

I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get my own show on the Food Network. But Pepper St. Claire and my crazy attraction to her puts my dream in jeopardy. She’s got the face for television, and a body made for sin. But so do I. And not matter how much I want to make her scream my name, my future comes first.

Pepper’s just as driven as I am, and she’ll stop at nothing to take me down. After I finally get in her pants, she does something so terrible, I can’t even believe a woman’s capable of such treachery.

If she didn’t want to start a war, she never should have fired the first shot.

But she did.

And now…it’s on.