She’s the beauty… who is the beast?

I couldn’t care less about conventions. After the most important thing in my life is snatched from me, I don’t give a rip about anything or anyone. I hole up in my house and work myself to exhaustion. Too bad I need human help to subdue the wild pack of crazy chihuahuas I inherited.

They bark until my ears hurt, rummage through my neighbor’s garbage and try to climb me like a tree. One night, as I’m about to throw up my hands in surrender, I see her.

An angel sent from heaven just to tame the heathen canines. That one fateful meeting with Brooke changes everything. I struggle to resist her killer curves. I try. I fail. It’s only supposed to be one time with no strings attached. A passionate night based on addictive chemistry crackling between two consenting adults.

But after one taste, I can’t sweep her perfect image out of my dirty mind. The movie reel inside my head replays the touch of her silky skin and the feel of her soft curves pressed against my body on an endless loop.

Now a vicious bastard has stolen my dogs, and he’s trying to steal her too. But he won’t win. I’ve claimed Brooke for my own. They all belong to me. If he comes after either one of us, he’ll lose.

Not since the most devastating tragedy of my life have I allowed a woman to help me heal the scars on my soul.

Until now.