Chaos & Class: Part 1

Chaos & Class Series


I live to fight. Right now, I need money and I’ll do anything to get it.

Because one thing consumes me. A secret. It drives me forward in spite of the pain.


I like order. That’s why I’m called Chaos.

In the MMA world, I can create order out of a hot mess.

She doesn’t care for the MMA world. Or me. She’s a rich man’s daughter.

She thinks she has me fooled with her glasses and her tailored tweed.

What she can’t know is that I see her better than most.

She wants to escape her gilded cage.

And I’m going to help her.


I like order. Numbers. A solid strategy.

But he’s set me on fire. My once calm body has been reduced to raging lust.


My father literally owns him but he’ll never admit it.

With him, I feel safe. Protected. Cherished.

But a threat comes out of nowhere. One I never saw coming. And he can’t protect me no matter how much he wants to.

But he’ll try and I’ll let him.

And that might cost me my life.