Buyer Beware

Caldwell Brothers Book 1

I said I could do casual…and swore I’d never fall in love.

I lied.

I know all about her type.

Dirt poor. Check.

Gold digger. Check. Check.

Marcella’s hot as hell and just as intriguing. I live in a swanky Vegas penthouse on top of my equally posh boutique casino. She’s lived in a dilapidated seventies trailer far too long to have patience for billionaire playboys like me that can just snap their fingers and have women fall at their feet, begging to be dominated. She stands for everything I despise. Which is why my obsession with her makes zero sense.

She’s innocence incarnate…I’m the guy who steals it. I can have anything I want, whenever I want it.

And I want her.

Except there’s intelligence and kindness lingering underneath her Goodwill clad outer shell. There’s a mystery there that I yearn to explore. So when I offer to help Marcella and her gamble-a-holic brother rise from the ashes of their meager existence, she grasps the brass ring with both hands. Surprising me. And no one ever surprises me. It doesn’t take her long to realize I’m only doing it so I can control her. I want to possess every part of her. Is it my fault that this glittery town consumes a person’s soul right along with their cash?

Marcella Castillo needs to be taught a lesson. She thinks she’s not the kind of girl I can buy and sell. She’s wrong. But somewhere along the line, the boundaries blur. In my heart, I feel a newfound tenderness and vulnerability that I’ve never known. This woman pulls at my heart strings until my solid walls come tumbling down and I let her in. And I’m happy.

The happiest I’ve ever been since my dad took himself six feet under leaving me with four younger brothers to raise.

Until a vicious sociopath and a haunting secret from Marcella’s past threatens to destroy every single thing I’ve just sold my soul to possess.