All In

Caldwell Brothers Book 5

I’m a dark and cold man.

I don’t need love…and I sure as hell don’t need her. 

My past is black and desperate. A gloomy whisper of haunting memories that have made me tough as nails and cold as ice. I’ve had to scrap my way to the top of the Vegas security industry. No one gave me any handouts. My success came on the back of my own blood, sweat, but NEVER tears. Now, I want to take my career to the next level as VP of security for the Armónico.

But she doesn’t think I have what it takes.

I can’t stand her. She thinks she can boss me around while I serve as a test dummy for her little women’s self-defense class at the request of the Armónico’s owner, Nixon Caldwell. I insult her at every turn, and she takes it. Until the moment she doesn’t…she delights in kicking my ass, and I realize she’s the first formidable opponent I’ve ever encountered.

I’m willing to put my pride aside and work with her to obtain my ultimate goal. But somewhere along the way, the lines blur into a misty fog. Lust becomes intertwined with hate, and I want her. Every single inch of her sculpted body. And I’ll take it. For the first time in my life, I want a woman for more than just one steamy night.

I know we probably shouldn’t get involved. I’m night; she’s day. I’m negative; she’s positive. But just like the ends of a magnet, we gravitate towards each other. Even though her words say I’m inadequate, the look in her piercing eyes reveals her lies. She wants me. Flat on my back until I’m begging for mercy.
Or she is.

But she’s been hiding something from me. And I’ve been hiding something from her. If either of our wretched secrets sees the light of day, it’s over.


One touch and I’m lost. I want it all, and I’ll take it. Nothing’s going to stop me…not even the man who burns to hurt her. If he thinks he can take her away from me, he’s going to be sorry.